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December Catch-Up with Abi

On the eve of job offers, in the recruiter’s space, no CV was overlooked, every detail in place. Inboxes were buzzing with talents to compare, in hopes that the perfect match soon would declare.

At least, that’s what’s been going on in our office! This festive season, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy and getting our candidates ready for the New Year. And, of course, it’s time for the final catch-up of the year. This blog comes stocking-filled with what I’ve been up to recently, as well as a few Christmas jokes to tell! If you thought the ones in the Christmas crackers were corny, wait until you hear these…

This past month, my workload has definitely amped up again! I’ve been working on my marketing skills and thinking more about how our branding goes hand-in-hand with it. I feel that my skills are developing and that my confidence is rising. As well as this, I’ve been continuing to learn more administrative duties, and really delving into my apprenticeship work; in summary, all is going well!

Now, onto the jokes that could turn even Scrooge himself into a jolly, laughter-loving elf!

  • Why will Santa go down your chimney on Christmas Eve? Because it soots him.
  • What do angry mice send to each other at Christmas? Cross-mouse cards!
  • Do snow globes ever get scared? No, just shaken.
  • What does Santa eat for breakfast? Mistle-toast.
  • Did you hear about Rudolph’s rollercoaster ride? He held on for deer life!

And finally, as we wrap up the year, let’s all make sure to take some time to appreciate our achievements. I hope the holiday season brings much joy for all, and that everyone has a very Merry Christmas. Until our catch-up next year!