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November Catch-Up with Abi

Hey everyone! November already – this year seems to have gone by so fast. This month I thought it would be nice to reflect on our November traditions (with a few fun facts), as well as having the usual update of what I’ve been up to over the month. So, without further ado, let’s begin…

I’ve made a fair bit of progress in my apprenticeship. I’ve met some more people, completed some more assignments and I am starting to shadow my colleague to advance my skills – I’ve been dealing with different areas of compliance, references and really starting to get to grips with our CRM system, and I am more involved with taking phone calls. I can definitely sense that I’m a lot more confident! However, I’m also getting a bit ahead of myself and thinking a lot about my future and my career progression, which is good, I suppose. Either way, I’ve been doing well, and I’m pleased of where I am so far.

Now, what’s happening in November?

  • Bonfire Night – the classic night of fireworks and Guy Fawkes. Did you know, Guy Fawkes gave an alias name of ‘John Johnson’? Very creative with the names, clearly.
  • Remembrance Day – the day where we give a two minutes of silence to mourn those who gave their lives in the first World War. Did you know, we use poppies as representation, as they were seen growing over the graves of the soldiers?
  • Black Friday – get ready everyone, the rush of sales is about to begin! Did you know, Black Friday was originally called ‘Big Friday’, but the name didn’t catch on?

Whether you’re after a quiet November, or to keep on the move, there’s plenty of things going on. From finally trying something ‘pumpkin spiced’ inside, to going out and seeing the fireworks light up the sky, November is a month for everyone. That’s all for this month – I hope you all enjoy your month, and we’ll next catch up when the Christmas festivities begin!