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September Catch-Up with Abi

Hi everyone! September already. It feels like time has just been flying by, and it’s time for my second (personal) blog about how things are going! So, let’s have a catch up.

I’ve continued to learn a lot and have progressed and gotten much faster in my daily routines and general tasks within my job. I’ve spoken to candidates, filmed some TikToks, and have made sure that our social media is up to date. Generally, things have been pretty calm here; the calm waters before the heavy current perhaps, as my apprenticeship is starting soon. I’ll no doubt have more to take on and manage once that starts, which is exciting!

I’ve been doing quite well, I think. My colleagues are all very supportive of me and I know I will be able to rely on them for help if need be. I also move from part-time to full-time in a few weeks, which will be new for me – I suppose similar to how school was though, really. I can’t help but worry a little, about what it’s going to be like, which I’m sure is natural. So, I decided to give some tips on what may help with nerves or stress if you’re starting a new job, going back to your job after holiday or moving up in educational aspects! After all, it’s nice to know there’s others who may be in similar positions.

Adjust your focus.

Think less of what could go wrong and try and focus on what you could achieve. What are your goals? What are the steps you have to take to get there? How could you simplify this for yourself? Often it may be simpler than you think, yet trying to think about everything all at once causes stress. So slow down, take a breath, and adjust your focus.

Communicate with those around you.

If you feel yourself starting to struggle, let someone know. You don’t have to take on everything, others could help.

Make time for yourself!

From giving yourself little rewards to maybe an evening to yourself, it doesn’t have to be lengthy. Everyone needs a little break every now and then. You may be face-to-face with a larger or different workload than you’re used to, but that’s okay – it doesn’t have to mean all your time will be dedicated towards work.

Overall, I think it’s important you enjoy your work. If it’s something you’re going to be doing full-time, make sure it’s something you want to do. You’ve got this! And so do I. I look forward to seeing how everything will go once I start my apprenticeship here and am excited to continue my career. I wish the best of luck to everyone starting something new and I’ll give another update next month!