According to Nadia Narain, co-author of ‘Self-Care for the Real World’, “The most important thing you can do for workplace self-care is to check in with yourself every morning.”

Being aware of your own sadness, of your own stress and anxiety, allows you to address it – and it can help your colleagues to help you too.

It is #timetotalk. Time to acknowledge, time to explain, time to ask for space or support.

… Shall I go first?

Last Monday was a really bad day. I was running late, feeling under the weather, and my inbox was so full that I could not see the bottom of it. New emails, more and more and more of them, poured in faster than I could read the old ones that had collected over the weekend; files piled up on my desk, I was surrounded by a mess of paperwork that I didn’t think I would ever be able to clear away.

I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe.

The sheer amount of stuff – urgent stuff, stuff that needed seeing to right away – made me anxious. The clutter, the chaos, was overwhelming, and it made me panic.

Embarrassed and ashamed, I did not want to speak out.

But it was time to talk then, and it is time to talk now.

The support that I received from my colleagues was amazing. I was given the time and space to get up-to-date before anything new came my way. People checked in, smiled, offered to help. I felt, and still feel, very well looked after.

And so, this month, whether you are ready to talk or not, all of us here at Jobseekers want to look after you too.

We will be posting something new each Wednesday throughout February, all on the theme of wellness in the workplace.

Do keep an eye out, and please feel free to share and interact; any comments will be very welcome!

– Katy