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10 questions for YOU to ask the interviewer!

Interviews are a two-way process. Not only is this your chance to impress the organisation, but also they should also be showing what they can offer you too. Changing jobs is a big decision, so it has to feel right. The interview is your opportunity to find out if the role (and the company) are what you are looking for.

Asking thoughtful and insightful questions during an interview demonstrates your interest, engagement, and ability to make informed decisions.

****Interview tip: try and personalise your questions to help the interviewer visualise you in the role: adding in “for me” or “in my” for example.****

Questions You Should Be Asking

  1. Why is this position open? This will allow you to hear about why a person has left. If the answer is vague and trying to avoid the question, this could be a red flag!
  2. What do you consider a positive start in my first few months? Showing ambition and eagerness are especially important at interviews. It also puts the ball back in their court to give you an idea as to how to measure your performance if successful.
  3. What opportunities for progression would there be for me? If you are ambitious, this will give you opportunity to express and discuss your long-term aspirations, it is important for you to understand any growth and development would look like and does this interest you?
  4. What would a typical day look like for me in this role? Not only do you look eager and keen to start, but hopefully you can find out a bit more about what the role will actually involve (including any extra hours that might be expected of you!).
  5. Are there tasks outside of the job description? Following on from Q4, this will give you opportunity to delve a bit deeper in to the position and the tasks that you will be doing.
  6. How can my role make a positive impact on the entire organisation? This question requires the interviewer to think more deeply about the position that they are recruiting for and how you would sit within the company. It will give you an insight in to the potential of the role.
  7. What are your current goals for the department / company? When looking at a new job, whilst personal objectives are important, the team goal is going to drive your productivity and success!
  8. Can you tell me about the team I will be working with? Fitting in to the team is key to a happy working environment. Asking about the structure, size and dynamics can give you an insight in to the setting you might be part of. It also gives you a view of the personalities and expertise of your potential colleagues to see how you would thrive and contribute in the team.
  9. What is your favourite thing about working here? This is especially good if the interviewer will be your manager. It will give you chance to discover how passionate and enthusiastic they are about the company.
  10. What is the next step in this process? Ideal for the end of the interview, to present as interested in the position and to have clarification on their time scales.

When thinking about what is right to ask, also remember what you should steer away from! Avoid questions regarding salary and sick leave at this stage. Do your research before the interview. Anything that can be found on google should also be side-stepped as you do not want them to feel you were unprepared.

It is important that you are not caught off guard at the end of the interview, so have a few questions in your mind prior to the meeting. Some of which may be covered during the process, so have enough to give you options at the end. Perhaps create a list of 4 / 5 in priority order and refresh yourself with this before you attend.