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What we do

We work with candidates from a variety of industries and a broad skill set, meaning we can help you to fill your temporary and contract needs. Whether you require a talented candidate to cover an ‘as and when’ temporary or sessional position, or to fulfil a longer-term contract, we can help.

Urgent needs

We understand that there are occasions where you might need a member of staff urgently. We have candidates who are available to start work from the get-go, and are looking for temporary and contract roles, helping you and your organisation stay on course.

When time is of the essence, rest assured that we are here for you, ready to help you fill those urgent roles.

Sector knowledge

We have an expert team coming from backgrounds such as Finance, Design, Logistics, Events, plus a familiar face with long standing staff. We will take the time to get to know you, understand your business and the roles you want to fill.

Placing the right candidate is a big decision – we’ll ensure you’re totally happy with the people we place in your temporary and contract positions.

Reliable, compliant service

We understand it takes time to build trust, but we’re willing to work for it. We are totally compliant, conducting rigorous vetting checks on our candidates, to ensure they’re eligible to fill your role and offer a competitive and added value service as standard.

Jobseekers Recruitment Taunton

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