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A Glance into an Administration Career

What is Involved in a Career in Administration?

Administration roles involve lots of planning and organisation. An administrator is often in charge of sorting different things for the business, for example meetings, documents and liaising with clients and customers on behalf of the company. Administration roles can be varied and offer a range of different things to delve into.

What is the average salary for an Administrator?

The average base salary for an administrator is £23,185 per annum. However, this can increase up to £28,000 per annum depending on location and the company you work for.

What do I need to be an Administrator?

There are no formal qualifications needed to become an administrator! However, there are different levels of administration, and to be a more senior administrator, you will require more experience. Relevant experience towards such positions include: apprenticeships, work experience or relevant education courses (such as secretarial or business administration).

Current Vacancies

At Jobseekers, we often deal with a range of administrative roles covering a variety of sectors, from finance to law. If this kind of role interests you, you can click here to see some of our current roles: