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Candidate Attraction: The search for candidates

The current labour market is forcing organisations to rethink their employee strategies. The UK is currently faced with a considerable labour shortage due to a number of factors and so candidate attraction can be a struggle. Industry figures show that with lockdown lifting, many businesses are struggling to hire. The Office for National Statistics gives a good overview of what we are currently facing click here for full information; Labour market overview, UK – Office for National Statistics (

Although we do have a strong database of candidates looking for work, which may include the perfect candidate, we will always look to advertise any positions that we represent. We want to ensure that we have considered a wide range of applicants to be able to confidently present CV’s to you, with the view that they are the best in the current market.

So, what steps do we take to attract an impressive selection of candidates?

Job Boards

Jobseekers Recruitment use a wide range of job boards with the main ones being CV Library and Reed. These are reaching candidates across the UK (and the world), accessible in a click of a button, it couldn’t be easier or quicker for applicants to get their details to us. We also have access to the job boards CV search function, meaning we can search through candidates that have been applying for similar roles.

Social Media

We use platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to increase visibility of your position. Links to job adverts and focused advertising on sector or type of role helps to attract applications and interest. We also conduct thorough candidate searches via LinkedIn, contacting the candidates with a personal approach as in today’s market there are a limited number of candidates actively seeking to change their position.

Our Website

We keep our website up to date, often candidates will search for local recruitment agencies when they are starting their searches to get an idea of what is around. Our google profile has a five-star rating, which will attract candidates to our site furthermore.

Other Marketing

We send out weekly updates to candidates that subscribe to our newsletter. This is reaching near to 800 local people. From this we also make it easy to share any updates, alongside promoting our “refer a friend scheme” to encourage people to engage and aid our search for that perfect candidate.

Specialist Publications

For senior or unique positions, we have run adverts in industry specific or national publications, although this is not standard to our recruitment package, we are happy to discuss your options with this.

As a recruitment agency, we want to take the stress and time of sifting CVs away from you. Our qualified consultants hold initial interviews to screen candidates prior to sending CV’s plus carry out necessary right to work checks. A valuable service to help you streamline your processes. As a family business we know the value of a good recruit to any business!