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Effectiveness of a Cover Letter

When applying for job, there are multiple things that could stand out to employers: one of which being a cover letter. This little, extra step could go a long way to boost your application and increase your likelihood of success with going through to the interview stage. So, what does a good cover letter include?

  1. Structure.

Ensure your cover letter is structured efficiently – it shouldn’t be written as an essay, but as an actual letter. You’re writing to employers to tell them more about you and why you want the job they’re offering. Ensuring that your cover letter is written in an easy-to-read, proper format is important.

  • Formality.

Despite being a more direct message, try not to reduce the formality of your writing! Make sure to check for any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and your language usage. More sophisticated descriptions and words could go a long way in terms of introducing yourself.

  • Topic.

As easy as it may be, try not to ramble. The employer is interested in you, your skills, what you’re looking for and what you could bring to the company – so, this is all you need to write about.

Whilst not mandatory, a cover letter could definitely help improve your chances. A good cover letter can expand on and add to a CV, which gives the employer a better understanding of you. Why not give it a go? Happy job hunting!