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Explore the role of an Engineer and the average salary for this sector

What is an Engineer?

The role of an engineer is to take the ideas from the scientists and innovators and make them a reality. Turning them into useful products or systems that can be constructed, manufactured to scale, and which will function reliably. The positions available are varied and can be classified by many areas such as Aerospace, Biological, Chemical, Computer, Mechanical, Nuclear, just to name a few. Engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable and this is a very full filling career for many.

What is the average salary of an Engineer?

UK wide (Engineer salary in United Kingdom ( the average salary for an Engineer is £36,263 per annum, this increases when you narrow the search to the local cities such as Bristol where it is £40,428 per annum.

Average Engineering salary for Taunton vs Bristol (Indeed 2023)

Graduate Engineering roles

Before you even start your degree if you know this is the route for you, you will need to be proactive in choosing the right A-Levels. Physics and Maths are always favorable for universities also, check out the establishments that you are interested in to find out more!

Once you have graduated it is a great start to be accepted in to graduate trainee program. This will give you hands on experience and a structured programme to begin your career. It will also give you chance to develop your skills and experience ready to take on more responsibility.  

This year we have helped a local business take on a recent graduate who gained a 2.1 in Mechanical Engineering and gained valuable experience in the summer holidays helping out a local business in a design engineer capacity. As an example for a local position to Taunton, this role started at £24000.

Looking wider if you were able to consider a city such as Bristol, you have opportunities such as the Rolls Royce Graduate Scheme, this would be highly competitive and has a starting salary (2022 intake) of £29000 plus a £2000 bonus. Graduates & Interns | Rolls-Royce

Senior Engineering roles

The wide variety of engineering roles available can make a career plan appear challenging. With a bit of research you can focus your efforts and become familiar with your options! It is important to have a plan as along the way you may need further studies or specific industry experience to secure the senior roles.

Senior Engineering roles will require skills and experience that will naturally develop within the roles as you progress. It is vital where you are ambitious that you consider your own companies structure in order to be able to access the more senior roles;

Example salaries:

Principal Engineer – Earning around £63,565 (UK average – Glass Door)

Director of Engineering – Earning around £109,935 (UK average – Glass Door)

Current Vacancies

To check out our current Engineering roles head to our jobs page and select the technical category. Jobs in Somerset & surrounding areas | Jobseekers Recruitment (