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How to find happiness in your job!

This week it is International week of happiness at work and it has got me thinking about how many people we speak to that are genuinely unhappy with their job! A move to a new role could be the answer however before you make that move what should you be considering to make sure you do not fall in to the same path!

If you are working a full-time job, then on average per year, you could be working around 2000 hours! That is a lot of time to spend miserable, so an enjoyable working environment is absolutely essential to life. In a recent study by indeed they found that workplace unhappiness impacts 3 out of 4 employees and the top things that are causing this are; the type of work that they do (43%), work life balance (38%), colleagues (36%), job security (35%) and salary (34%).

Here are a few pointers to consider if you are looking for a new challenge:

• If you are stuck in the same routine which is bringing about a mundane working environment, is there anything you can do to switch things up a bit? This could be as simple as changing to a comfy chair or taking a different route to work. Or maybe go and speak to your boss and find out if there is any personal development that you could take on.

• Now more than ever a flexible working environment is increasingly important – is this available to you? We have actually seen an increase of people wanting to return to the office, whilst flexibility is great, engagement in the workplace can be a key factor.

• Find your passion! We have all heard the say “Find a job you love, and never work again” and whilst this is not totally accurate, if you love you job then your passion with drive you through those harder days.

• Find reasons to celebrate! Perhaps set yourself goals to achieve those successes that make you feel happy in your role.

• When you attend interviews do not be afraid to ask about the benefits a company offers, speak to them about what is important to you.

• Look on the company website, quite often there will be a section about why you would want to work for them. This can be interesting to understand where they place their values and if they are in line with yours.

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