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In Between Jobs?

Finding a job may not always be a quick and easy process. In fact, sometimes it can take quite a while! Did you know that the average candidate takes around 4 months, or 122 days, to find a job? And the average application process takes about 28 days! So, in all this spare time between jobs, what could you do? Let’s take a look…

Take on Temporary or Volunteer work.

Despite only being short-term, temporary or voluntary work is an effective way to spend your time. Not only can you gain a little more experience, it can also show your willingness to take on various kinds of work. It’ll also look good on your CV!

Get involved in skill-building activities.

This could be anything from swimming lessons to a pottery class! Spending some time building various skills can build your connections, allow you to grow and will be a great way to relieve some stress. And in your interviews, you can talk about this when asked about skillset.

Consider extra courses.

Extra qualifications and awards will always look good on your CV and show your willingness to learn. You might even be able to branch out more on the kind of career you could go for!

Take some time off.

There’s no harm in taking a break from work for a while. Spending some time with family or friends, or even going travelling, is still an effective use of time.

These can all help your CV and work career continue to flow amidst your job search. However, spend your time as you see best! Just remember not to give up – you’ll get there soon enough!