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Is temporary work something you should be considering?

Our top five reasons to give temping a chance!

Temporary work is an integral part of many organisations staffing requirements, with many local businesses we work with looking for a flexible workforce to provide additional support, this could be to cover holiday or sickness, to support a project or whilst they recruit on a permanent basis.  Assignments can range from a day or two, to a few months or even longer, some even lead to a permanent role. If you are not currently in work, then the answer is definitely yes you should be considering temporary work!

There are many benefits to temping:

  1. Develop skills and experience – Whether you are just starting out in your career or looking to branch out, you can get an insight into different environments and work places to get a feel for what works for you.
  2. Improve career prospects – Temping can provide the opportunity to gain valuable experience to add in to your CV, gaining those extra skills and experiences can give you an advantage when applying for positions.
  3. You are in control – sometimes we find that people need their work to be more flexible and work around their personal life, perhaps you are off travelling or in between roles and need something to fill in the gap.
  4. Increase your network – You will gain from speaking and working with a range of people and businesses. Contacts are so important, and creating strong relationships can provide you with a good base to gain further opportunity. Even if a temp assignment doesn’t meet your long term or permanent goals, it is worth considering as you can gain a lot!
  5. Try something new – temporary work can give you the chance to have a change and try something completely different.

We have a number of temporary roles available – for more information check our website: Jobs in Somerset & surrounding areas | Jobseekers Recruitment (

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