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Light the spark in your employees!

Todays market is proving more than ever that having an attractive package for your employees is of utmost importance. This is not only to attract candidates, but also to retain talent. Nowadays, this is much more than a salary – although this is a strong draw. Especially with the rise to the cost of living, COVID has also brought to light that a work / life balance is high up on a candidates wish list.

We explore the areas that you should be promoting or introducing to keep a happy workforce:

  1. The onboarding process needs to be a positive engaging experience, this is your first impression so make it count.
    • Think about if you need an application form. Anything too time consuming can put off a candidate, especially if it just produces a copy of their CV.
    • How many interviews will be required and what will be included? Think about the spaces that the interviewee will see and the people that they would meet. Meeting the team is always insightful for a candidate. Be considerate to the candidate’s needs. If they are working full time or have children in school, they may need flexibility in timings.
    • Keep in touch throughout the process and make it as personal as possible. One client of ours sends candidates they are interviewing some chocolates with a “can’t wait to meet you card”. For longer recruitment processes (such as graduate schemes), think about introducing social events or a WhatsApp / Facebook group for updates.
    • Consider how your onboarding process reflects your company culture.
  2. Salaries should be transparent, fair and a reflection of the current market.
    • Do some research, perhaps look at your competitor’s website and check out the job boards. If you are not able to offer similar then think about why a candidate should still consider your position.
    • Consider how the salary fits within the team.
    • Have in your mind the maximum you are able to pay. In todays market the salary can be a deciding factor; missing out on a good candidate can be as costly as paying that little extra!
  3. Promote recognition and communication
    • Employee review meetings are a great chance for you and your staff to talk about work life, with a focus on their development. But, it can also be for you to say thank you. Show your staff that you recognise their achievements and effort; show your appreciation and don’t let it go unsaid.
    • Recognition should not just focus on the high achievers; every part of the business is important for success. The people that steadily and quietly achieve their tasks also need to be praised.
    • By scheduling in regular time with your employee you are proving that you want to communicate and that your “open door” policy is not all talk!
  4. Be flexible
    • Work from home options have become increasingly popular in recent years, many workers love the flexibility and freedom that this gives. Work / Life balance is high on many employees list when considering their current / new role.
    • This could be as little as offering flexibility for waiting in for deliveries, or perhaps allowing employees to do the school run and then make up the hours from home. Or even perhaps 1 – 2 days from home to reduce travel time. Small changes can make big differences to your employees’ lives.
  5. Promote any progression and development that you can offer.
    • What is your initial training programme?
    • What courses or qualifications could support and develop your employee within their role and in the business?
    • Is there a clear progression route within your business and how do you support this?
  6. Consider your benefits package, is it attractive? How could you improve it.
    1. Some extra items we see included; an extra holiday for your birthday, subsidised onsite canteen, team building days, charity days, a team social calendar.
    2. Have an attractive annual leave allowance, standard terms are just not enticing enough anymore.
    3. Do you offer a business performance related bonus?

Whilst we are now back to a normal way of living, companies are still having to think about the incentives they can offer to attract and retain candidates. More and more businesses are choosing to provide a more tailored benefits package to encourage employees to stay on board.

Not all areas are hugely costly to the business; saying thank you and highlighting a good job done can go a long way. Consider what you can afford to implement and how you can communicate this with your employees. One of the most attractive qualities a business can have is an open and transparent approach, with support that is easily accessible. This will ultimately build long-lasting loyal teams.