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One tree planted for each permanent placement in 2023

Last week, the team at Jobseekers celebrated their first permanent placement of 2023. We popped a bottle of prosecco and planted a tree through Trees for Good Causes. Trees for Good Causes is a CIC based in North Devon that helps individuals and businesses plant trees and supports local charities. In 2022, we planted 50 trees with them to commemorate our 50th anniversary. This year, we will plant one tree for every permanent placement – and we’re hoping to grow a forest!  

Why Trees for Good Causes? 

  1. The Benefits of Tree Planting

Planting trees helps tackle the effects of climate change. Trees prevent flooding and erosion, absorb CO2, fill the atmosphere with oxygen, lower the air temperature, and provide a safe habitat for wildlife. 

Globally, we deforest an area the same size as Portugal every year. We’d have to make a lot of placements to restore the balance, but you know what they say: from the tiny acorn grows the mighty oak, and every little helps. 

  1. Supporting the Local Community 

Established in Taunton in 1972, Jobseekers have been in business for over 50 years, supplying permanent and temporary staff to organisations across Somerset, Devon, and Dorset. 

We’ve always been proud to support local charities and community initiatives like Trees for Good Causes. TFGC plant all the trees in the South West and donate 100% of the profits to charity. This year, our money is going towards supporting North Devon Hospice. 

  1. More Sustainable Business Practices

As awareness grows, businesses in every sector are doing their bit to make their operations more sustainable. At Jobseekers, we have digitised many of our processes to reduce waste paper and switched to a renewable energy supplier and LED lightbulbs. 

We print all our marketing materials on recycled/recyclable card, including the congratulations we send out for each new permanent placement.