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As we head into winter, we are taking the time review the current job market and what we can do to further support our clients recruitment drive.

Reed has recently published an interesting update exploring the changes from September 2022 to August 2023, in which we can see a swift decline in candidate applications across many different job sectors. According to Reed’s article, applications have significantly dropped to -6% in terms of Marketing and Media roles, and -5% in roles such as HR. With such application drops, the candidate market seeming to be a tough place to navigate. The overall statistic being an average of 11 applications per job, it’s clear that the market is struggling more than it used to.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom; Education and Legal sectors have seen an increase in applicants of around 31% and 27%. Therefore, with a mixed statistical rate from applications, the job market may be tough but unpredictable. Winter seasons also tend to slow down recruitment due to the Christmas preparations, but we should notice a spike within the New Year.

How do we attract the perfect candidates for you?

Transparent communication, an easy application process and having a strong online presence is all key to attracting the talent. We get to know our candidates, speaking to them at length on the phone and meeting with them gets them fully engaged in the process. And, with clients, site visits are so important to get to know you and your company!

Keeping consistent with communication means that we’re always ‘in the loop’ and ensuring we can gauge the most accurate impressions possible.

  • Did you know, that according to an article on Reed, 78% of candidates are less likely to apply for a job if the salary is not listed?

If you want to keep your salary hidden, you should channel your advertisement focus into the next big motivator candidates look for: learning and growth opportunities. With 23% of applicants marking career development as one of the top motivators when looking for a job, this could help boost applications. We ensure that, when communicating with our candidates, we are transparent with them about role expectations, benefits and any development opportunities. By giving us the best possible idea about what your business and the role has to offer then we can then create the best matches for you.

Part of the process that is key to a good recruit is also the interview – we have recently explored a variety of questions that you may want to consider within your process. When interviewing not only do you need to assess the candidates skillset, but also consider how they will fit with your business, the staff and your customers.

Some examples could include:

  • What are some values that guide your work ethic and behaviour?
  • Can you provide any examples of skills or knowledge that you are currently working on, or want to improve?
  • What are you most passionate about in your career?

These questions can help guide you in terms of candidate’s character, as well as their motivations. Therefore, you can gain the most extensive knowledge about a candidate, or, it could cement the decision you are leaning towards.

Overall, despite the market slightly waning, we are sure to continue pushing onwards with actively sourcing candidates that would best suit your job roles. From head hunting and networking to scouring job boards and keeping in touch with candidates we are very active behind the scenes. We are also on hand to give our input in to the roles that you are recruiting for or your recruitment processes; we’re here to help with all of your recruitment needs.

For further reading on these topics, see our references down below: