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Trouble Finding a Job? We Can Help.

Job seeking can be fun and interesting, new and exciting, and branch open your horizons to a new beginning. However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Job hunting can be difficult, competitive and sometimes it can take a while – which is why agencies like us are here to help. Sometimes, a realistic view of what a job search may be like can give you motivation to reach out, or give you some extra insight as to how you could plan effectively in preparation. However, our help could be beneficial to you too, as we understand these troubles.

According to an article from the REC, the number of permanent placements seem to be falling at the quickest rate since 2020. Meanwhile, the overall availability of staff seemed to rise at a substantial pace, amid the slowdown in recruitment and reports of redundancies, causing a bit of a contrast. As permanent staff appointments declined, clients appeared hesitant to commit to new staff, which would have kept the ball of declines rolling.

Competition for skilled candidates and the increased cost of living continued to pace upward also, with rates of starting pay seeming to be more pressurised for both candidates and clients. Salaries for newly placed permanent workers rose sharply, despite the rate of inflation slipping to the lowest since April 2021. Meanwhile, the pay for temporary workers increased at the slowest pace in over 2 years.

Sometimes, hiring processes seem far slower than usual – it can leave uncertainty. Since COVID, companies have also seemed to reshape themselves, taking on new appearances and being open to hiring in other areas. This has led to reports of the quickest rise in labour supply since the pandemic, being driven by the previous increase in redundancies. Potentially due to this, there’s also seemed to be an increase in temporary work, to keep things afloat in trying times. Temporary work can help give you experience which may lead you on to a permanent position – even if it may not be what you’re aspiring for.

Taking this into consideration, we are aware that competition for job roles may be a lot fiercer than normal. It may be tough at times. But, that’s where we come in. Here at Jobseekers, we are always looking for suitable candidates for our clients. We aim to give the best possible experience, whilst looking for roles our candidates would love. Why not let us help your job search? Contact us today!