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Why do you want this job? How to answer at interview!

“So why do you want this job?” Answering that question at interview should be really easy, and can be! However often the answers are unprepared and uninspiring.

  • Well, I want a job…
  • I want to work…
  • I need to pay the mortgage/rent….
  • I want promotion, …
  • I hate the job I’m in ….
  • I need to do something different…
  • My family are moving so I need to change jobs…
  • I was made redundant…
  • I’m bored…
  • I like the sound of it…

All of these may be true and they may well explain why you have applied for a new job but do they encourage the interviewer to want to employ you?

At interview you need to make yourself stand out from the other applicants, this is a simple question asked more times than not and so a bit of preparation can make this an opportunity for you to sell yourself and tell the interviewer you are what they are looking for! This is your chance to sound enthusiastic and passionate about your application and the company, but how do you do that without sounding false?

Here are 4 key steps to selling yourself into that job:

Step 1:

‘This is a great company /organisation because…’  Everyone likes to be flattered, so tell them why you think they are a good company, what it is you like about the company, etc.

Step 2:

Describe the challenges of the role, (even if it is a job that is pretty routine) and how you can meet these demands.

Step 3:

Tell them the things that interest you, the things you have been doing, the challenges you really enjoy and give some brief examples.

Step 4:

Think about why they might not want to hire you and turn things around.

If I was going for an admin job for my local estate agency I might answer with:

“ I was delighted to be offered an interview at the AStar Estate Agency as it has a fantastic local reputation, and has a visible place within the local community with the charity work they are involved in, which really appeals to me. I know you need staff who are flexible to be able to work weekends, who are customer focused and are confident in dealing with a variety of people. My previous experience lends well to the sector having had roles that include face to face contact with customers, the ability to pick things up quickly and to use my own initiative. I have no commitments outside of work so can be available at weekends to work. It is really important to me to find a company that puts customer care at the forefront, I think it is key in a customer orientated role to be presentable and polite, plus be willing to go the extra mile. I have worked in a fast-paced environment previously, and although I have not worked in estate agency, the passion I have for the industry will give me the enthusiasm to put 100% into everything I do.”  

Remember this is your interview sales pitch and this is where you can bring together your knowledge of them and your enthusiasm. It is all about why they are great to work for not why you need the job.